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Omni-King is the king of all existence and God of Gods. The Kami, Angels, Hakaishin, and Kais all serve him. He is either immoral or innocent and cares little for the lives of others. He finds Goku amusing and he became his first friend.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Cosmic Box

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Whis stated that he can erase all existence. And in the English dub states he can destroy anything regardless of scale or complexity.
  2. Erased a nigh-omnipresent immortal along with the entire future multiverse.
  3. Manipulated reality through a box showing the cosmos and in the manga used the universes as chess pieces.
  4. Shin stated that no matter who or what he cannot be killed/destroyed.
  5. God Ki makes him immune to soul manipulation, mental manipulation, power nullification. And due to being above Beerus is immune to toonforce.

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