Zamasu was the former Nort Kaio of Universe 10 in The Dragon Ball Multiverse. After witnessing countless mortals sin and destroy themselves while he could only sit back and do nothing made him furious. He decided mortals would never change and the gods failed to see their mistakes and their own mistakes, and decided to purge all mortals from existence and rule as the one true god.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Became entirely 4th dimensional and spread across the marocosm and through time and space into the past.
  2. Came back from being erased by Zeno in Xenoverse 2.
  3. In the manga Beerus said that he couldn't destroy him which was also implied in the anime.
  4. Moved the Super Dragon Balls.
  5. Stated God Ki is on another plane of existence.
  6. Hurt UI CC Goku after being powered up by Fu. [1]
  7. States he has infinite energy and 16 says his energy is also infinite. [2]
  8. Can use Genkidama., [3]

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  • Zamasu says in Xenoverse that he could do nothing to Zeno.
  • Fusions claims Zamasu has a pure heart as he sees what he's doing is the right thing.
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