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So Today I would like to discuss the cosmology of DBH.  Now this will cover two specific things.  

The first is the fact that DBH includes most, if not all other DB games etc. in it.  There is much proof of this which I will talk about.

1. We see virtually all DB characters and stories present in DBH.  From DB/Z/GT/Super anime and manga, movies, specials, games only characters, and events portrayed as existing through many timelines.  In fact we even already accepted things like DBO being part of Xenoverese based on this same premise alone, since it has the time breakers, time patrol and multiple story elements that cross from DBO to Xenoverse.

2. In the DBH manga it is confirmed that all DB lore is a part of the DBH world, which is considered fiction in the real world in DBH like in our own world.  They literally are shown playing DBH UMX on 3DS, and said to be treated like they are watching the events just like us.

3. We have very specific examples of many DB games and spin offs existing in the DBH world further strengthening the proof that it can all be applied to DBH.

Of course we all have seen the DB/Z/GT/Super guys present with their stories.  So unless you want to see more proof on them I will not need to post scans for that.

Dragon Ball 4D with God Broly.

Dragon Ball Minus and other stuff

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden (DBHUM2 is referring to SSJ4 Broly crossing from DBH to DBZEB)

Dragon Ball Fusions

Kuriza in DBH

Neko Majin Z

Dokkan in Xenoverse in Heroes

DBS Manga and Yamcha reincarnation spin off in DBH

DB Fighter Z part of Xenoverse which is part of heroes and Dokkan

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Shin Budokai implied part of it (Babidi Buu is directly taken from Shin Budokai)

So, as you can see, we literally have over a dozen different DB shows, manga’s, games/specials or spin offs directly being shown as part of DBH verse, and the implication that all DB lore is part of the DBH verse through the real world being just like our own, even referencing specific games and systems like DBH UMX on 3DS.

I believe this is significant proof that we can consider all the games etc as part of DBH multiverse.

Now for the second part of this, I would like to discuss a specific addition to the cosmology that is seen through the DB series.  This is the amount of timelines in the DBH multiverse.  I believe there is multiple things that prove it has infinite timelines.  Following with the fact we should be able to use statements from any of the games and not strictly DBH only these become very important.  We already know that many timelines are made over even the smallest changes so I will not repeat these things unless they are needed.  I will get right into the infinite timelines statements.

1. It is directly stated in Dragon Ball Shin Budokai that there are "endless worlds" referring to timelines.  This would be infinite timelines as endless is considered infinite.

2. In DB fusions when fighting ultra Pinich, there is an infinite number of friezas and cells that can re spawn from endless timelines no matter how many you kill. It states they come from time space holes which each link to alternate timelines.  We have actually seen Cell use these before as well.   Same with Goku black and Zamasu when fighting against fusion Zamasu. This would imply infinite versions and infinite timelines due to there being literally an endless amount of them.

3. We already know there are infinite possibilities for timelines in DBX as stated by a patroller. And that "all sorts" of these possibilities in DBH actually exist already as stated and shown. So it further shows that infinite timelines is already plausible, even if you don't outright agree this alone is showing that the infinite ones already all exist since "all sorts" can be interpreted as all possible types of timelines.

So there are multiple pieces of evidence that there are infinite timelines in DBH multiverse from multiple sources, scaling from the other series that are part of it.

I think we should accept the other DB content as part of the DBH multiverse, and consider the multiverse to contain infinite timelines due to this information.