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The Legend of Spyro

The Aether element is the power of: stars, gravity, light, life, spirit, comets, reality, space, mana, life giving big bangs, and divinity. Surpasses all other elements, even time. Works like an atom smasher and dismantled on an atomic level. Jared states that full mastery over it can make stars implode and create singularities.

Was able to piece Earth back together

His Aether Fury created a constellation as a side effect

Created a planet sized Aether wave

Convexity Attacks

Spyro opened a portal to some alternate dimension that summons aether energy construct copies of his head that negate dark magic(It purified Cynder of the Dark Aether)

Convexity shield

Spyro in the DS version of DotD created a small star within Earth with Aether

​​​​​​In the DS version the power of his Aether Fury attack caused the alternate dimension of Covexity to implode

Spyro can turn into his dark form if he's emotional enough.It gives him telekinesis, darkness manipulation, and a power boost

With Dark Aether, Malefor turned two snakes into ethereal green chains. And can materialize and dematerialze it at will. Malefor using Dark Aether created a soul font and can resurrect himself and others. Malefor used dark aether to turn the apes Undead and create an army of earthen creatures, and raise the Dragon Temple into the sky. Dark Spyro was able to turn Gaul to stone. Cynder with Dark Aether was able to open a portal to a realm beyond time and space called Convexity.

Cynder while empowered by Dark Aether survived submersion in lava.

The Gaurdians that created the temple with combined elemental powers created a place where whatever you think of becomes reality

Malefor with Dark Aether has dream manipulation

Malefor with Dark Aether can create and manipulate dark crystals that drain energy and has image projection

Eviscerated an army with Dark Aether

Fire element lore

Earth element lore

Ice element lore

Electricity lore

Time Element Lore(Pg.2)

Jared states mastery over this power gives:

Increased time slowing Time travel

Time rewinding

Time forwarding

With the time Element: Can slow down time, stop time, has foresight, and created a mountain level stasis crystal

Mental manipulation

DS Earth attacks

Elemental attacks

Fury attacks


Broke through a mountain side

Pulled Cynder out of the Golem's grip

Can survive being crushed by the Golem and being scorched by the Golden and Destroyer's lava

Overpowered Malefor

Can affect and destroy spirits

Dodged Malefor's Lightning

Dragon spirits can seal and they stay bound to nature

Beat Malefor in the Nintendo Version of DotD who destroyed Earth himself


Can use the Wind element to make mini tornadoes.

Knows Dragon Kata, an ancient fighting style that uses Chi. Horn Jab: Spyro performs a quick forward jab with his horns . ​​​​​​​ Horn Slide: Spyro charges up then slides along the floor horns first, damaging multiple enemies. 

Horn Toss: Spyro uses his horns to flip an enemy over. 

Tail Hammer: Spyro performs a vertical downward spinning motion, striking enemies from above . Tail Swipe. Spyro performs a quick horizontal spinning motion, knocking surrounding enemies backward with his tail. Tail Stab: Spyro quickly jabs the enemy immediately in front of him with his tail. Tail Thunder: Spyro performs a powerful vertical upward spinning motion, striking enemies from below with his tail.  Chi Wings: Spyro focuses his Chi energy, channels it toward his wings, and swipes at enemies infront of him, releasing the energy and creating a very powerful attack . Chi Punch: Spyro concentrates his Chi energy into a small yet long ranged energy ball fired in front of him . Chi Roar: Spyro channels his Chi energy into a mighty Dragon roar, creating a powerful shockwave that effects all enemies in its radius.