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Lightning Teleportation

Boiling Fist - An energy infused punch

Baked Sphere - A dark aura that damages whatever it touches

Seasoning Arrow - Demira makes several copies of his staff and launches them. This is also a form of Regeneration Bypassing and Power nulification because he almost killed the Majin CaC, de-transformed Goku and prevented him from doing anything.

Paralyzation Magic 1:10

Kiai - An invisible Ki wave

Towa and Demigra's Dark Ki negated your power so much that you couldn't use Ki or magic and needed energy from other characters to beat a simple Saibamen

Soul Flame - Demigra creates a ball of Soulfire

Demon Gods can use the orb in their weapons as divination orbs like the Angels

Mind control and mind control immunity.The only way to be protected from it is to have God Ki or get it beat out of you. He can even use it while dead.

Can create phatoms that have the same powers as him. Can absorb energy and life energy, they can take on a life of their own if Demigra dies

Draw(Life manipulation)

Can absorb and detonate your life energy :37

Kaioshin, Angels, and Demon Gods all have life manipulation in DBH

Demigra says the Dark Energy is damage energy generated in battle and it was a mistake to bring Goku and Vegeta here and he can absorb it kek

Chronoa says Demigra and Towa will return and their power is still causing distortions

Chronoa says the because of Demigra various possibilities are overlapping, that's why they're seeing Gohan, Adult Gotenks, SsjG Goku, and Gogeta in this world

Was collapsing the DBH verse

Gave Chamel the power to destroy all existence with his presence

Oceanus and Trunks say the Dark Ki in the air is similar to Minus Ki and everytime a wish is made a Shadow Dragon will be born

The Dark Energy resurrected Frieza

Threw timelines

Demigra sealed the TP in a space-time and timed it to be erased. Chronoa said they were almost erased with it

Created a non-existent/transdimensional castle connected to the Chasm of Time

Time Travel

Boiling Breath - Demigra breaths a cloud of electrical darkness. In DBH being hit by it makes your power go down

Bloody Sauce - Demigra launches five dark energy balls that poison and slow.

Whis and Beerus state Majins have limitless magic

Moved across the multiverse after death as wormholes to cause confusion through time and space

Pocket dimension

The Dark Energy warped and transcended the DBH world(which would include the space above the multiverse). In XV he had control over warped all of space and time(which is infinite). In XV he destroyed history and said he'll create it in his image. In DBH he says he'll erase the world, spin a new history where he rules, and everyone and everything will be reborn.(Conceptual destruction)

Said he'll erase the CaC from existence

Demon God Magic gave Dark DB Omega void manipulation

Demigra feats new

Lightning Distortion - A dark temporal lightning strike

The Dark Ki Towa gave General Boon let him warp reality and create a "world"

Energy Canon - Demigra creates three portals than launch out energy then launches the portals themselves

Demigra's technique Time Shackles traps the Op in a void and he can absorb them and their powers. It's probably the thing he uses to erase people because he says "I'll purify you and your history!" while using it

Boiling Burg - Demigra forces his energy into the opponent and rips them apart

Demon God's Flaming Meteor - Summons a meteor

Demon God's Frigid Metoer - Summons a cold meteor

Is stated to be beyond time and the multiverse

Stole the dark energy from Towa who arped DBH and created black holes that would swallow timelines and eventually everything

Is beyond the multiverse and moved in the CoT which is seperate from the dimension of time

One shotted Zen who broke TB Bardock's mask(which took a spirit bomb with Gogeta's ki to slightly crack) and onshotted Beat who's comparable to SsjG Goku

Powered up the GT villains to make them T-bag Gogeta

His power was felt in the 4th dimension

Boiling Ball - Demigra can turn into energy and divide himself

Science Vanish - A technique similar to the Angel's Warp

Power null immune

His presence warped Tokitoki World

Demon God Magic transcends mortal understanding

Filled a timeline with evil thoughts

Energy Jet - A singularity like energy sphere that he used to destroy the multiverse

Blitzed SsjG Beat

Can summon people across space and time easily

Demigra said he controls all of time and space after absorbing Tokitoki and was going to use him to create a new multiverse

Bardock with TB magic opened portal through time and even World of Void

Demigra can use Time Breaker magic as he turned Vegeta into a Time Breaker