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Chronoa Respect Thread

Can see through time

Can dilate time

Existed beyond time

Can stop time

Space-Time Transfer: Light - A pocket dimension

Remade Tokitoki City into Conton City

Time Judgment /Judgment of Time - Hits you with temporal lightning/all time's power

Moved and merged time rifts

Brought a statue to life and made it grow so large it destroyed Tokitoki City

Kaioshin, Angels, Demons, and Demon Gods can Draw which absorbs and detotantes your life energy At 6:40

Can move herself and other things through or outside time, and seal

Can merge timelines


Held the real and DBH World together in her base form

Nullied/shrank Towa's attack into nothing

Made CaC immune to Demigra's mind control

Chronoa says everyone here(Putine, Gravy, Demigra) will forget everything that happened in this altered history when they wake up

Damage Transference

Time Labyrinth - Sealed the Demon Realm outside of timeMan's history 1Uhk5Ma with all of time's power

Puts history in scrolls

Was going to erase Trunk's timeline

Power nullifaction and soul manipulation immunity

Mind control immunity

Since Demigra with all time's power can destroy and recreate the multiverse it scales to her Halo form