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Trigon the Terrible, also known as Skath, is a pan-dimensional Demon Lord who seeks to conquer all realities and warp them into his image. He claims he has always existed as formless energy but the negative emotions cast of from the Azarathians let him assume physical form inside of a woman who became pregnant. When he was born he killed everyone around him and conquered his world at the age of six.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Notable Feats/Info

  1. [1] Is pandimensional. 
  2. [2]  Challenged the Prescence. 

Respect Threads

[3] Trigon Respect Thread(New 52)(Injustice)(Pre-Flashpoint)



  • Despite being called "Trigon" he has four eyes.
  • Trigon was proud of his sons for stealing what little power he had left.
  • In an old comic the Monitors ranked Spectre and Trigon in the same tier of power.
  • In TTG he expects Fathers Day gifts from Raven.
  • He says Raven is his favorite child which is ironic since Raven embodies the sin of Pride.