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Towa is Demon scientist from the Demon Realm. She is the leader of the Time Breakers, younger sister of Demon King Dabura, wife of Mira, and mother of Fu. She wants to gather enough energy to break the seal on the Demon Realm and fuse it with the mortal universe to cause endless chaos. Though she was though to be the leader of the Time Breakers the true leader of the of the organization is Mechikabura, a possible Makaioshin and strongest being from the realm.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Spear Staff

Tow wields a golden tipped spear staff that aids her in using her magic and combat.

Demon God Weapon

Towa wields a green orb scepter that lets her use her new ability Infinite Kiri Zone which spawns an energy field below the target and releases a column of energy.

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Stated to be outside the flow of time by Trunks.

2. Towa one shots Goku Xeno casually.

Respect Threads

[1] Towa Respect Thread



  • Towa's name means "Eternity".
  • Towa is Mira's mother which makes their relationship incestuous.
  • In Dragon Ball Fusions Towane, a fuison of Towa and Gine, can use Time Skip.
  • Heroes and Xenoverse Towa are not the same as Heroe and Xenovrse are different continuities.
  • Towa was the first Demon Goddess to appear in the series.
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