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Tokitoki is the creator and embodiment of Time and Space. He lays eggs which hold all the time for a new history and is taken care of by Chronoa in the Time Nest/Dimension of Time, where all time is born.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Time Nest

Tokitoki lives within the Time Nest inside the Dimension of Time where he creates time by laying eggs.

Notable Feats/Info

  1. It's stated multiple timed that he creates time and sets it into motion.
  2. Demigra stated that with his power he could create a new multiverse in his image.
  3. Towa stated she could rule time and space with his egg.
  4. A guide states that because of Towa and Mira interfering with time he's been acting strangely. Demigra using him in experiments created a time rifts to Fusion Reborn, Revenge of Cooler, and Tree of Might. When inside Demigra's void he appeared the same color as the time crystals. Chronoa and the Kai Avatars have a form that uses all of time's power and their color scheme is the same as Tokitoki.
  5. Since he is time and space itself all time and space abilities scale to him.

Respect Threads

[1] Tokitoki Respect Thread



  • Tokitoki is similar to Palkia and Dialga from Pokemon as he embodies time and Space as they do.
  • Tokitoki's color scheme appears on Chronoa's Power of Time Unleashed form and the Kaioshin Avatar's Super God Class Up form.
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