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The Creator is the supreme being in the Wizard101 MMORPG. Not much is known about the supreme being, only being mentioned once, by the world tree, Bartleby. He was said to be the one who created the Firstworld, which is described as the very beginning of creation. Before creating the Firstworld however, he created Bartleby, who would serve as the tree of magic's shade. He then created Grandmother Raven , and finally, Grandfather Spider. After that, he would disappear, never to be mentioned again. But it is said that at the end, he will tend to all beings.

Notable Feats

  • Created a void, time and space as concepts, and the Firstworld, which is implied to be the size of the universe
  • Created the three primordial beings, each of whom embdohy concepts
  • Created the astral plane, a void without time or space, which sits in between the world of the living and non-existence

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  • He has only ever been mentioned once
  • No one knows his whereabouts, apart from Bartleby