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Syn Shenron is the seventh and last of the Evil Shadow Dragons to appear, and the last villain to appear in Dragon Ball GT. After he believed Goku died he tried to use his new power to corrode the Earth, galaxy, then the entire universe. He was killed by a Universal Spirit Bomb in the end of the saga. In Extreme Butoden he returns more powerful than ever and starts warping time and space bringing back past villains. Shin, Old Kai, and Guru tell Goku that the only way to be him is to find a Super Saiyan God. Once Goku obtains it he seals the Minus Energy into the Ultimate Dragon Balls which caused Omega to fade away.


Dragon Balls

Omega has access to the power of both the Shadow and Dark Dragon Balls which give him fire manipulation, water and ice manipulation, matter manipulation, electricity manipulation, bodily regeneration, pollution manipulation, and power negation. It's unknown if he can grant wishes with them.

Notable Feats

  1. In the anime the Minus Energy from the Dragon Balls warped reality and made holes in space.
  2. In Extreme Butoden gathered enough Minus Energy to warp several timelines and almost destroy the universe.
  3. In Fusions and Xenoverse states he will destroy the universe.
  4. The Dark Energy in Ultimate Mission X was stated by Oceanus to be similar to Minus Energy so they would return through it every time a wish is made.Has the power of every Shadow Dragon.


  • An "Omega" is a symbol that means "End".
  • Omega Shenron is technically another form of Black Smoke Shenron.