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The Legend of Spyro

Currently, all that is known is the universe and elements were made by two light and dark godly entities. The universe is made up of the element called Aether, a celestial form of energy that is the power of space, reality, suns, moons, light, spirit, life, creation, death, and destruction. It is unknown why, but an enormous ancient earthen golem deep within the Earth's core called "The Destroyer", which holds the power to destroy the world by forming the Ring of Annihilation which will cleanse the world in fire and break it apart. The core of Earth is a giant purple crystal, possibly an Aether crystal, which holds the spirits of the Dragon Elders, and possibly the spirits of all living things. Malefor was sealed within this crystal at the end of Dawn of the Dragon.

Notable Places

The Legend of Spyro


Covexity is an alternate plane of existence transcending time and space, and acts as an airlock separating Earth from the dark realms beyond. It is home to Void Jellies, Void Whales, and Energy Snakes.[1] This place is where the spirit of the fallen Purple Dragon Malefor was imprisoned after he was defeated by the Dragon Ancestors, he was later freed by Cynder after she inserted the final energy crystal into the Altar or Covexity.  



The Dreamscape is a mental plane of existence where the Chronicler helps Spyro regain his elemental powers. Its enviorment can be controlled by will, and is used to communicate telepathically. It looks similar to the void of Convexity

White Isle

White isle.jpg

The White Isle is where the Chronicler lives and records this history of dragonkind. He's been here for over 1,000 years.

Notable Creatures






  • In TLoS GBA there is a character named Naga that resembles the Naga species from World of Warcraft.
  • In The Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night, an NPC is named Tambourine the Demon which is a reference to Tambourine the demon from the Dragon Ball franchise.
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  • In the GBA version of The Eternal Night there is a Naga that resembles the Naga species of World of Warcraft.