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Spyro is rare purple dragon, capable of wielding all elements, aether, time, fire, earth, water, electricity etc. A prophecy states that purple dragons will change the world for better or worse. He defeated the ultimate evil and saved the world at the end of his adventure. In his Skylanders incarnation he is a protector of Skylands and was separated from his parents. Now he is on s journey to find out where they are and where he came from.

Equipment/Bases of Operations

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Created a multi-planet sized energy wave.
  2. Opened a portal to an alternate dimension.
  3. Aether transcends time and space, and destroys on the atomic level.
  4. Pieced Earth back together.
  5. Possibly created a constellation.

Jared Pullen stated that if Spyro masters Aether he can make stars implode and create light-bending singularities.

Respect Threads

Spyro Respect Thread [1]



  • Since the fans wanted Spyro and Cynder to be a couple, the development team obliged.
  • Spyro's TLoS incarnation is alluded to several times in the Skylanders series.
  • The elements Earth, Fire, Electricity, Ice, and Aether are similar to the elements in the Ninjago series, and Spyro's role as the Purple Dragon is similar to the Green Ninja. Spyro is also similar to the Avatar as only his kind can wield more than one element.
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