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Speed is defined as the rate at which someone or something moves or operates. Theoretically everything has a rate of which it moves and operates, even lower dimensional beings.

Types of Speed

Attack speed

Attack speed is the speed of which an attack moves.

Combat speed

This is the speed at which a character can fight. This in some cases can be relative/comparable to a characters attack speed or travel speed.

Reaction Speed

Reaction speed is the speed at which a character can react to an action or event. For example, if character A threw a rock at character B, and character B dodged, that would be considered reaction speed. Reaction speed is not relative to a characters travel speed.

Travel Speed

Travel and flight speed is the speed in which a character can fly and/or travel from point A to point B.

Types of speed explained

  • Below human levels (0-5 meters per second)
  • Human level (5-34.3 meters per second)
  • Subsonic (0.1- 5 times the speed of sound)
  • Hypersonic (5-8810.2 times the speed of sound)
  • Relativistic (1-99% the speed of light)
  • Speed of Light (299,792,458 meters per second)
  • FTL (Faster Than Light) (1-100x the Speed of Light)
  • Massively FTL (100-1000+ times SoL)
  • Infinite (Able to move in timeless voids, or a place where time stands still. This can also be applied if a character has existed before time itself)
  • Immeasurable (Immeasurable speed is when a character transcends time itself. Beings who are 5th dimensional automatically gain this as they logically are above conventional 4-D time)


A characters infinite/immeasurable speed statistics can sometimes be outliers, contradicted or take place due to Plot Induced stupidity, and thus should be evaluated on a case by case basis