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Shenron is a Dragon God created by the God of Dragons Zalama to Grant the wishes of whoever can gather the seven Dragon Balls.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Dragon Balls

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Super Shenron was stated to have no limits to what it can wish for.
  2. Shenron fused all time and space in Fusions.
  3. Black Smoke Shenron warped time and Space in Heroes.
  4. In Butoden Omega Shenron warped time and space, and resurrected past villains.
  5. Super Shenron Shook two universes while appearing.
  6. The Super Dragon Balls flew back to their universes through the World of Void.

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  • All lesser Shenrons are splintered off versions of Super Shenron.