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Putine is a demoness that is the strongest user of Icicle Black Magic. She is a friend of Demigra and Gravy and tried to help him steal Tokitoki from Chronoa. She failed and was banished to the Demon Realm along with him and Gravy, now she has become a Demon Goddess and is aiding Mechikabura in his conquest for the Dark Dragon Balls and domination of the universe. In the manga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes she and Gravy fight Cell Xeno for his Dragon Ball, but he becomes too powerful after she boosts his power to kill Vegeta and Trunks, so they work together to kill him and successful take the Dragon Ball.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Was/Is one of the three most powerful mages in Makai before Mechikabura.
  2. God Ki makes her immune to soul manipulation, power nullification, psychic manipulation.
  3. Is immune to life manipulation due to being a Majin.

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