Nox (Smite)


So fragile is the line between sleep and death, the difference only waking with the dawn. In that darkness she reigns, as the sun sinks below the horizon, as stalkers hunt their prey, as shadows thicken to consume the light. She is primal in a way that even the mightiest of Gods must fear, for she is the Goddess of Night, Nox, and from her was born all the certainties of life. Friendship and Love, Sunsets and Dreams, these are the Gods of inspiration. Nox is mother to them all. So too is she the mother of misfortune: Doom and Blame, Deceit, Strife, Woe and Death. Nox must love and protect all her children equally, as any mother would. They are her calling and her curse; her greatest pride and deepest shame. It is for her children she has now come to war. Clothed not in black, but blackness, Nox is rarely seen. She glides between the light, just at the edge of vision. A specter. Even the God of Thunder is known to fear her, for Nox could steal his whispered breath and send him to a sleep eternal where dreams do not exist and no one ever wakes with the dawn.

Notable Feats

  1. [1] Materializes herself from the night, Manipulates Shadow Demons, Turns a Frost Giant into nothingness, Is aware of other events world-wide happening.
  2. Gods in Smite can return to life simply by being let out of their underworld.
  3. Smite gods become more powerful the more people that believe in them.
  4. Can kill/defeat Nemesis, Ra, Ymir, Zhong Qui, Hou Yi, Isis, Zeus, Hel, Freya, Anubis, Eros, Mercury/Hermes, Ah Puch, Serqet, Vulcan/Hepheastus, and Thanatos. As she has voice lines directed towards them when she does so.
  5. Her old passive Flame of the Night, let her take energy from all abilities cast near her.

Respect Threads

[2] Nyx Respect Thread  


  • In her jokes she mistakenly calls herself Nyx and Nox referencing that the Greek and Roman pantheon are the same.
  • If she kills Thanatos she'll say "I brought you into this world. Looks like I took you out". If she kills Nemesis she will say "Go have a time out and think about what you've done!".
  • In her jokes she makes a Batman reference by saying "I AM the night!".
  • Her Mandame Darkness skin makes several references to American Horror Story: Coven.
  • Her Grim Shadow skin makes a Family Guy reference: "It's quite alright, i've grown tired of living".
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