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Mira is a bio-android created by the demon scientist Towa. She created him to protect her and aid her in her plans. In Dragon Ball Online she had a child with him named Fu. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse he starts to rebel against Towa's orders after several fights with Trunks and the Dragon Ball Avatar and desires to be free and have a true fight. He says he is done taking her orders and absorbs her turning into an Ssj4 esque form. After losing the fight he asks Towa to forgive him and is killed by a Kamehameha/Dragon Fist. In Heroes he is killed by Trunks and Broly, and nearly killed again but then returns. He saves Towa from being killed by Broly Dark and fuses with her to kill him.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Notable Feats

  1. Dragon Ball Online and Xenoverse Trunks state that he transcends time.
  2. Absorbed Tokitoki's egg which could control all time and space.
  3. After absorbing the egg could take energy from itself.
  4. After fusing with Towa killed Broly Dark who is the strongest Xeno Villain.
  5. Towa stated that when his core exploded there would be nowhere to escape. And remember Towa can travel to any point in time and even outside of time.
  6. Warped the DBHverse along with Towa in Ultimate Mission X.
  7. The Demon Realm Race can resurrect themselves with their hatred.
  8. Knows Dragon Fist. [1],

Respect Threads

[2] Mira Respect Thread



  • Mira's name comes from "Mirai" meaning "Future".
  • Mira is the third main villain in Dragon Ball to redeem himself in a way.
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