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Mechikabura is the strongest evil from the Demon Realm and leader of the Dark Empire. He and Chronoa we're the two candidates to become Kaioshin of Time, though he had some animosity with her. He was resurrected by Towa, regained his youth, and is trying to conquer the universe now that he has escaped Chronoa's seal.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Demon God Weapon

Potarra Earrings

Demon Realm Dimensional Ship

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Slowed down time with a thought and casually knocked away Xeno Goku and Super Saiyan God Beat.
  2. Broke Chronoa's seal which used all the power of time.
  3. Was unafraid of Broly Dark
  4. Created a large black hole that shook planets and stars.

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  • Mechikabura along with Demigra and his friends Putine and Gravy, are all possible Makaioshin.
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