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Malefor is was the first Purple Dragon to live, although he says that there where many before him. He was a rare creature born once every ten generations, capable of naturally using more than one element, something uncommon for most other dragons. The Dragon Ancestors held high hopes for him, showering him with praise and feeding his ego. This caused him to grow arrogant and power hungry and so he was cast out when he would not change. His hatred grew during his exile and he formed an army of apes to exact his revenge on all dragonkind, he led raids on the dragon temple to destroy the dragon eggs after hearing a prophecy that one day he would be defeated by another purple dragon, Spyro. He needed a dragon's help to free him so he took one egg and corrupted it into a monstrous black dragon, Cynder. He used her to siphon energy from the dragon guardians to open the portal of convexity and free his soul from it. After he was freed from the Well of Souls he struck quickly and angrily, cursing the apes for their false loyalty turning them into undead ghouls forced to feed off the energy of others. After he was defeated by Spyro and Cynder he was sealed in the core of the planet by the dragon souls of the ancestors.

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  • Malefor's name might be a reference to Disney's Maleficent.
  • It was intended for Spyro to be either Ignitus's or Malefor's son which is ironic considering his voice actor is Mark Hamill.
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