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Majin Buu is a primordial eldritch being that has existed since time immemorial and is only purpose is to cause chaos for his enjoyment. He cycles between hibernation and mindless ramapages, similar to Beerus, and was used by a wizard named Bibidi to try to rule the universe but he was sealed away. But thanks to his clone Babadi he was revived and retarded his rampages but was killed and reincarnated into a human boy named Uub.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Dark Dragon Ball

Demon God Weapon

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Nearly destroyed the living universe by screaming.
  2. Destroyed a timeline in Xenoverse 1.
  3. Android 16 stated that Majins are possibly extradimensional lifeforms and so did one of Frieza's henchmen. [1]
  4. Absorbed Demon God Dabura and Janemba Xeno which gave him: Reality warping, stone saliva, God Ki, mind control, dream manipulation, and life/soul manipulation.
  5. Can absorb stamina and energy in XV.
  6. Destroyed the universe in Shin Budokai.
  7. Can copy techniques by seeing them (Copied a Kaioshin exclusive technique).
  8. Absorbed Babidi gaining his sorcery.
  9. A space-time door connected to the inside of his body. [2]

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  • Buu was possibly inspired by H.p. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and resembles some depictions of Nyarlethotep. In fact in Buu's Fury there is an item called an Eldritch Cameo which has unfathomable language written on it from an ancient civilizations.[3] In Xenoverse 16 says Majins have no known composition and are possibly extradimensional. In Ultimate Mission X a space-time door connected to the inside of Buu.
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