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Janemba is an embodiment of sins created from a soul cleansing machine in Hell. He was formed when a teenage ogre failed to notice the Soul Cleansing Machine being overloaded with spiritual waste and was corrupted. He was turned into a giant childlike creature and warped every dimension in the universe, he was eventually killed by Gogeta after being hit with Soul Punisher.

Equiment/Bases of Operation

Dimension Sword

Janemba turned a club on the ground into a blood red sword capable of cutting through dimensions.

Dark Dragon Ball

A Dark Dragon Ball attached itself to him after they flew across time and space. It gives him the power of void manipulation based off of what Xeno Omega is capable of.

Notable Feats/Info

  1. The creator of Shin Budokai stated that Janemba in the game is the same strength as in the movie. [1]
  2. Goku stated that he was warping every dimension in creation.
  3. In Buu's Fury King Yemma stated that he would make the afterlife and living universe collide.
  4. Sliced through reality with his sword.
  5. Immune to soul manipulation due to not having a soul
  6. Took Gohan out of his dream from another timeline.
  7. He can return as long as any remnant of evil energy exists somewhere.
  8. Can copy the powers of others by creating clones of them.
  9. Can turn other beings into himself by touching them or by possessing them.

Respect Threads

[2] Composite Janemba Respect Thread



  • Janemba can understand Buu's gibberish.
  • Janemba and Buu have fused 3 times, in Heroes, Shin Budokai, and Fusions.
  • Janemba has a technique named "Rakshasa's Claw" which is a Demon in Indian mythology.