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Immortality is the process of living forever either naturally or unnaturally, being beyond death in a certain way. Deities and Embodiments of things are most commonly immortal.

Types of Immortality

Eternal Life Immortality

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Classified as simply not dying as long as you aren't killed by something or natural causes. This is the least effective form of Immortality. Notable examples are: Shinto Deities and World of Warcraft Draenai.

Ageless/Natural Causes Immortality


Classified as immunity to diseases, natural death, and aging. Notable examples are: The Gods of Olympus, Master Roshi, and Vampires.

Bodily Immortality

Hidans Immortality.png

Classified as living as long as your body exists in any way, shape, or form. Notable examples are: Hidan, and Majin Buu.

Undeath/Non-Sentience Immortality


Classified as existing as a being that is neither alive or dead. Notable examples are: Zombies, Robots, and Elemental Golems.

Spiritual Immortality


Classified as existing as a spirit that does not move on to the afterlife, or your spirit will reform your body as long as the spirit exists. Notable examples are: Zamasu, Saint Seiya Saints and Gods, and World of Warcraft Demons and Titans.

Bound Immortality

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Classified as existing as long as a place, object, or being exists or lives. Notable examples are: Voldemort, WoW Demons, Darkseid, Deadpool, and Abstract Entities's M-Bodies.

Abstract Immortality


Classified as being able to return from non-existence. Notable examples are: Darkseid, Xenoverse Zamasu, and The Specter.

Absolute Immortality


Classified as transcending death and non-existence completely, cannot die or be erased under any circumstances. Notable examples are: The One Above All, Pralaya, Azathoth, The Presence, MoM, Ghost Riders.


  • Deadpool's immortality curse was given and removed by Thanos.
  • Garlic Jr is the first Dragon Ball character to obtain immortality.
  • Immortality doesn't always equal victory, in most cases it can be a fate worse than death as you can be left as a bloodied pulp on the ground still alive, sealed away for years or even for eternity, or dismembered and scattered around various places while still alive.