Hax or "Hacks" are special techniques that give the user an extreme advantage in a certain situation. A few examples of Hax are: Fate manipulation, Concept creation, Taking souls, copying abilities, and being immune to damage.

Types of Hax

Manipulation Hax

Dio manipulating time

Manipulation hax is the ability to manipulate something. Concept manipulation, Reality manipulation, Fate manipulation, Soul manipulation, Death manipulation, Life manipulation, Void manipulation, Space manipulation, Dream manipulation etc are all the greatest forms of this.

Creation Hax

Creation had is the power to create something by will/imagining it. Examples of characters who can do this are: The Power Puff Girls, Janemba, Dee Dee, Gremmy, Kaos, Alien X, Trigon, and Mxyzptlk.

Destruction/Erasure Hax

Omega Beams 01.jpg
The Omega Beams
This has is the ability to erase something or someone from existence or destroy them easily with a certain technique. Examples of this are: Darkseid's Omega Effect, Beerus's Hakai, Bloom's Dragon Fire, Doodlebob's eraser, Anti-Monitor's Anti-Matter, The Void Lord's Void manipulation, Oblivion's mere existence, Jackal's Destructive Touch, Kaguya's Truth Seeker Orbs, Spyro's Convexity Breath,' Enerjak's existence erasure, and Thanos's snap. 

Defense Hax

Defense has is making yourself immune to damage or transferring it. Examples of characters with this are: Super Sonic, Botamo, and GT Goku.

Link Hax

Link hax is linking your life, someone else's life, or an object's existence to someone or something so whatever happens to you happens to them/it.

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