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Great Priest(Daishinkan) is the father of the Angels and grand vizier of Zeno.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Whis stated that he is the most powerful fighter in the multiverse and not even he can hold a candle to him.
  2. Warped World of Void with a hand gesture.
  3. Opened the 'gates' to the void.
  4. Nullified the power to fly on the tournament stage.
  5. All his children's abilities scale to him.
  6. God Ki makes him immune to: psychic manipulation, power nullification, soul manipulation, and toon force.

Respect Threads

[1] Grand Priest Respect Thread



  • Due to Angels typically being stronger than their gods he is possibly stronger than Zeno.
  • It is unknown why he never told Zeno that the multiverse was in danger in Heroes and in Xenoverse where Towa, Mira, and Demigra nearly destroyed it.
  • It's unkown if Grand Priest from the future timeline was erased or is still alive.
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