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Grandmother Raven, otherwise known as Lady Nightstar is the embodiment of Light and Order in the Wizard101 MMORPG. Created shortly after the dawn of time, Raven gave Bartleby, the world tree, two eyes. These were known as the eyes of time. One showed the past, and the other showed the future. Raven and Bartleby were thought to be the only beings in existence, however, there was a third. His name was Grandfather Spider, and he acted as a direct opposition of Raven. She was light, Spider was shadow, she was order, and Spider was chaos. it wouldn't take long for Spider to fall in love with her, although, the love was one sided. Spider had casted Spider down, and the two engaged in combat. Raven would win, and seal Grandfather Spider away.

As time would go on, the Firstworld would be broken, forcing Bartleby to sing a thread to a hold the countless fragments together. Raven brought light and order, but something was wrong. Raven and Bartleby's creation was flawed without Spider's presence, and so she took the broken Chaos Heart, to charge the spiral's essence.  

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Notable Feats/Info

  • Brought light and order to an entire universe
  • Reset an infinite time-space by simply appearing
  • Created a world in which quantum physics and nanotech could not breach

Respect Threads




  • Her real name is Grandmother Raven, Lady Nightstar is just a alias.
  • She is the second being to be brought into existence by The Creator.