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Grandfather Spider is the primary antagonist of the 3rd arc in the MMORPG Wizard101. Existing not long after the dawn of time, Spider fell in love with Grandmother Raven. Where Raven was light, Spider was shadow, and where Raven was order, Spider was Chaos. His love was considered unbridled and unbound, but it was also unspoken. Raven had cast him down and Spider's heart was broken. Raven would then seal Spider away in the deepest and darkest depths of the Firstworld.

While sealed away, Grandfather Spider wrote the grand prophecy, which spoke "The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies.... will fall". As this was going on, the three titans broke the Firstworld into fragments, which forced the the world tree to sing the Song of Creation, which fashioned a spiral to hold the countless fragments of the Firstworld together. Raven brought light and order, but something was wrong. The spiral was flawed without Spider, and so she took his Chaos Heart, to charge the essence of the spiral. Centuries later, a wizard would sail the path of shadow, and come to free Grandfather Spider. Spider, in an act of revenge, is planning to reverse time back to the Firstworld, as he sees the spiral as the biggest flaw in history. But, he also wishes to regain his heart, something that cannot happen. If it does, existence shall perish, and everything will be gone forever. "The spiral shall end as it began, with a broken heart".

Notable Feats

  1. His heart alone can unravel the very fabric of existence.
  2. One shot an endless army of undead, all of whom had enough power to destroy the universe.
  3. His heart was used to charge a thread that holds the universe together.
  4. Predicted the future accurately even while sealed and stripped of almost all his powers.

Respect Threads

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  • He goes by the name Old Cob to those who don't know his true identity.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Spider did not exist since the dawn of time. He is younger than Grandmother Raven, who is the true being who has existed since time's dawn.