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Goku Black, usually referred to as Black, is the main antagonist of the "Future" Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball. His true identity is Zamasu from the unaltered main timeline within Universe 10. He is a former North Kai and Supreme Kai apprentice serving his former master Gowasu.


Potarra Earrings

The earrings worn by Supreme Kais and their apprentices. Despite being worn so casually, they have incredible properties, allowing two individuals to fuse or permitting the wearer to use the Time Rings.

Time Ring

The accessories of the Supreme Kai which enable them to travel through time. They are normally used to observe future events in their main timeline.

Notable Feats

  • Defeated Future Trunks, Goku and Vegeta.
  • Stated God Ki is on another plane of existence.

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