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The Avatar, or Created Character is a character that was created by or is controlled by a player. In Dragon Ball Heroes the people of the Over World use pre-made avatars to enter the Dragon Ball Heroes world. In Xenoverse the avatar's name and appearance is up to the player.


Demon God Weapon


Gas Mask

Energy Absorber

Angel Staff

Notable Feats

  1. Chamel nearly destroyed the multiverse and it's higher dimensions with his presence.
  2. Ace shook the Chasm of Time fighting Demigra.
  3. XV2 CaC defeated Mira that absorbed Tokitoki's egg.
  4. Fen, Zen, and Wairu have a Power of Time Unleashed form like Chronoa which summons all time's power.
  5. All DBH avatars can use the Judgment of Time technique which summons all time's power.
  6. The XV and DBH avatars can use nearly every technique in game.
  7. The UMX Avatar can use Ultimate Creation Mode to alter the multiverse and create missions, objectives, and apply other character exclusive card actions to themselves.[1]
  8. The DBH avatar can summon nearly any character in game.
  9. DBO Majin can create black holes, manipulate karma, and weaken. [2]

Respect Threads

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  • The Budokai Avatar resembles Beat, Basaku resembles Raditz, Erito resembles Android 17, Chamel resembles Demigra, the Elite Demon resembles Towa, the Beserker Demon resembles Dabura, Genone resembles Cell, Nimu resembles Android 17, Nico resembles Android 20, Wairu resembles Chronoa, Bear resembles Ssj Goten, the Majins resemble Buu, the Namekians resemble Piccolo.
  • Genome is what Cell would most likely look like as a Saiyan God.
  • In Heroes Super God Class up gives avatars a form equivalent to Super Saiyan Blue. Some of them also gain blue features.
  • In Heroes Namekians use the Red(Now Blue) Eyed form from DBO as a God form.
  • The Reason the Kaioshin Avatars have Tokitoki's color scheme is because Chronoa said that they are her coworkers.
  • The Red-Eyed Namekian form and Ultimate Evolution from Dragon Ball Online are God Forms in the Heroes series. And Majin and Androids have unnamed God Forms.
  • Chronoa is the only character to call the player by a different pronoun "Her".
  • Beat and Note's names are music puns.
  • Beat's mother is similar to Chi Chi.
  • Nico, Nimu, and Genome are siblings similarly to Android 17, 18, and Cell. [5]