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Demigra is a wizard that created the Demon Realm, a shadow realm where magic has more sway than science in the mortal universe. He gained magic that transcends mortal comprehension and became a God seeking to destroy all existence and remake it in his image.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Demon God Weapon

Demigra's Demon God weapon is a bone staff with a red orb on top. It is used for divination and transforming into his Giant and Makyouka forms.

Potarra Earrings

Demigra's Potarra Earrings allow for him to fuse with another being if they are wearing one of them on an ear opposite to the other ear that it's located on.

Time Breaker Masks


Demigra can create Time Breaker Masks as he created the mask for Vegeta Xeno. These masks can resurrect someone, place someone under total control unless broken, and grant them dark powers to: manipulate space, time travel, teleport, regenerate, seal, become energy, manipulate darkness, and mind control others.


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Shirogame is a giant weaponized turtle where Demigra conducted his experiments on the Xeno Shadow Dragons and Time Crystals. He also used it to break into the Time Nest.

Time Shrine 

Time Shrine

The Time Shrine is Demigra's Castle. It is a non-existent castle that's connected to the Chasm of Time and has several time crystals floating around it.

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Became the embodiment of time and space, stated he controlled it all.
  2. Destroyed the multiverse and was going to remake it in his image.
  3. In Ultimate Mission X warped the multiverse and the higher dimensions above it. And gave Chamel enough power to destroy it all with his presence.
  4. The clash with the CaC shook the Chasm of Time.
  5. Can still exist after dying as dark energy.

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  • Xenoverse Demigra and Heroes Demigra are not the same person. Heroes is a completely separate series from Xenoverse so their feats do not apply to the other.
  • Demigra's Giant Demon God form resembles Porunga and his base form resembles Shinnok from Mortal Kombat.
  • Demigra's character and name is based on a Demiurge, a deity responsible for the creation of a universe.
  • Demigra is the first Dragon Ball character to destroy a universe on screen
  • Demigra has the highest kill count in the franchise due to destroying The Multiverse.
  • Demigra knows who and what Whis is.
  • Demigra says Frieza's Race called themselves the rulers of the universe.
  • Demigra knows of Kami's creation of the Dragon Balls.
  • In Xenoverse Demigra says he will capture the Shadow Dragons and make them his slaves. In Heroes he does exactly this.
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