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Lord Darkar is the Shadow Phoenix, the opposite of The Great Dragon. He was born around the same time as the Great Dragon and was the true source of Bloom's home world being destroyed. To complete his quest for a power even stronger than the Dragon Flame he sent the Ancestral Witches to Domino to take it from the royal family as he needed it's power to open the realm of Realix where the Crystal of Power is located. He nearly succeded until the Winx combined there power and destroyed his physical body.

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Is the opposite of the Great Dragon and is equally powerful.
  2. It's stated that while the Great Dragon creates energy Darkar absorbs it which is why his domain absorbs the energy of all who enter it. [1]
  3. Banished the Trix to Oblivion.

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  • Darkar being the Shadow Phoenix might be a reference to Dark Phoenix from Marvel Comics.