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Cynder is a dragoness that was corrupted by Malefor's poisonous powers and was warped into a monstrous black dragon, forced to do his bidding. She was tasked to free Malefor's soul from the void of Convexity which would allow him to return on the Night of Eternal Darkness. In the final level of A New Beginning Spyro purges her corruption and she reverts back to her true self. After this she vowed to help Spyro defeat Malefor so she could truly be free of him. At the end of the final TLoS game: Dawn of the Dragon, she is seen flying in the Valley of Avalar with Spyro after defeating Malefor.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Dark Crystals

Concurrent Skies

Dragon Armor

Cadaverous Crypts

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Opened a portal and went beyond time and space.
  2. Malefor's Dark Aether granted her the powers of: Fire, Poison, Fear, Wind, Shadow, and even Dark Aether.
  3. Survived a multi-planet sized Aether wave from Spyro.
  4. Overpowered Malefor with help from Spyro.
  5. Rested entirely in a lava pool and emerged unharmed.
  6. Can turn into an intangible shadow.

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  • Cynder is Activions's first female main villain.
  • The lead concept designer Jared Pullen, hinted that before Malefor corrupted her she was a Wind Dragon.
  • Her relationship with her father Malefor in the Skylanders series is similar to Trigon and Raven's relationship.
  • Her name comes from "Cinder".
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