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Bloom is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame. The Great Dragon's power and most powerful source of Light Magic in the universe. She was sent to Earth before her home planet Domino was turned into a wasteland and first discovered her power at 16. She now protects the Magic Dimension against the unrelenting forces of darkness.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Fairy Dust Pendant

Bloom FairyDust.jpg

Bloom's Fairy Dust Pendant allows her to nullify attacks, undo the effects of dark spells, and shrink herself.

Sirenix Box

Complete Sirenix Box.png

Bloom's Sirenix Box contains her Gaurdian of Sirenix which will give her advice and grant her wishes.

Stone of Memories

Stone of Memories S07E05 4.png

The Stone of Memories allows one to travel back to any past point in time and trap someone in Limbo outside of time.

Tynix Braclet

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Can superheated objects by thought
  2. Turned into the Dragon Flame.
  3. Entered Valtor's soul and destroyed it
  4. In her Tynix form can enter microuniverses and time slows down around her in all dimensions.
  5. Brought a humanoid construct to life with a spell named Flame of Life.
  6. Stopped time in Issue #89 with a spell named Pause in Reality. [1]
  7. Burned away Crocodile Man's strength.
  8. Can enter the Dream Realm with Dreamix/Onyrix.
  9. Can enter the fictional world with Mythix.

Respect Threads

[2] Winx Respect Thread



  • Bloom is similar to Jean Grey as her power, The Dragon Flame is extremely similar to the Phoenix Force from Marvel Comics.
  • Bloom's Sirenix form resembles Princess Ariel.
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