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SSJRyu1 SSJRyu1 3 May 2020

Why virtually all official DB content scales to Heroes

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So Today I would like to discuss the cosmology of DBH.  Now this will cover two specific things.  

The first is the fact that DBH includes most, if not all other DB games etc. in it.  There is much proof of this which I will talk about.

1. We see virtually all DB characters and stories present in DBH.  From DB/Z/GT/Super anime and manga, movies, specials, games only characters, and events portrayed as existing through many timelines.  In fact we even already accepted things like DBO being part of Xenoverese based on this same premise alone, since it has the time breakers, time patrol and multiple story elements that cross from DBO to Xenoverse.

2. In the DBH manga it is confirmed that all D…

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Majin Ainsley Majin Ainsley 11 November 2018

Game Goku Respect Thread

In the Attack of the Saiyans game, had a sealing tag that absorbs the target and fades away

Killed Demigra and made the Chasm of Time crumble

In Zenkai Battle Royale can create a space that slows time/movement

Can create Ki weapons like Black

Goku: Time Kaioushin-sama stopped me because it would affect time but... I have no choice but to also give my all!

Has a card called "Universe Shattering strike"

Created a galaxy level/multi-solar system level Spirt Bomb in the Namek Saga

DBH and XV DBS Ssjb Goku can use Dragon Fist

Destroyed a po…

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Majin Ainsley Majin Ainsley 8 November 2018


  • 1 Heroes
  • 2 Xenoverse
  • 3 Manga
  • 4 Anime
  • 5 Movie

Zamasu was able to hurt UI CC Goku. Fu states he will use the Prison Planet Energy to create a big bang.

Ozotto turns into darkness and stops time to steal the Dragon Balls

Super Fuu takes on both Ssj4 Goku and Vegeta Xeno

Dabura and Shroom can't stop Goku Xeno(Shroom stomped Goku, Beat, and Vegeta previously, and Dabura tool on Ssj4 Gogeta Xeno). Towa one shots Goku Xeno casually.

Karen and Oren beat Hit and Cabba, then take on Kefla. Xeno Zamasu is able to force Kefla back.

SSGSS Gogeta can't touch Whis

Moro throws comets. overpowers the …

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Majin Ainsley Majin Ainsley 28 October 2018

Chronoa Respect Thread

Chronoa Respect Thread

Can see through time

Can dilate time

Existed beyond time

Can stop time

Space-Time Transfer: Light - A pocket dimension

Remade Tokitoki City into Conton City

Time Judgment /Judgment of Time - Hits you with temporal lightning/all time's power

Moved and merged time rifts

Brought a statue to life and made it grow so large it destroyed Tokitoki City

Kaioshin, Angels, Demons, and Demon Gods can Draw …

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Majin Ainsley Majin Ainsley 10 October 2018

Spyro Respect Thread

The Aether element is the power of: stars, gravity, light, life, spirit, comets, reality, space, mana, life giving big bangs, and divinity. Surpasses all other elements, even time. Works like an atom smasher and dismantled on an atomic level. Jared states that full mastery over it can make stars implode and create singularities.

Was able to piece Earth back together

His Aether Fury created a constellation as a side effect

Created a planet sized Aether wave


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Majin Ainsley Majin Ainsley 9 October 2018

Demigra Respect Thread

Lightning Teleportation

Boiling Fist - An energy infused punch

Baked Sphere - A dark aura that damages whatever it touches

Seasoning Arrow - Demira makes several copies of his staff and launches them. This is also a form of Regeneration Bypassing and Power nulification because he almost killed the Majin CaC, de-transformed Goku and prevented him from doing anything.

Paralyzation Magic 1:10

Kiai - An invisible Ki wave

Towa and Demigra's Dark Ki negated your power so much that you couldn't use Ki or magic and neede…

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Majin Ainsley Majin Ainsley 24 September 2018

Name Change

I changed the wiki name so now this isnt't a DB focused wiki anymore

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Majin Ainsley Majin Ainsley 16 September 2018



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