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Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 within the The Dragon Ball Multiverse. He destroys to maintain the balance of the cosmos. His mentor is an Angel named Whis and he has a twin brother named Champa.

Equipment/Bases of Operation

Beerus's Planet

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Chronoa stated if Demigra turned him against them he would destroy all of history.
  2. Chronoa said if he fought in the Dimension of Time he would destroy it completely.
  3. Stated 4 times that he would destroy the Time Nest.
  4. Did not care about the threat of Demigra, Towa, and Mira and slept through the events. Later he and Whis stated Demigra was not worth staying awake for.
  5. Scales from Toppo, a novice Hakaishin that warped World of Void with a casual Hakai.
  6. Hakai is stated to erase you from existence entirely.
  7. God Ki makes you immune to power nullification, soul manipulation, and mental manipulation.
  8. Old Kai and Chronoa stated he would destroy the universe after Mira and everyone else mad him angry.
  9. In Extreme Butoden was unconcerned with Omega Shenron warping time and Space and trying to destroy the universe.

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