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The Three Ancestral Witches are a trio of witches that were created at the dawn of time. They are the first witches and were described as the mother's of witchcraft. Beladona is the Witch of Ice, Tharma is the Witch of Storms, Lysslis is the Witch of Darkness. They are also the direct ancestors of the Trix.

Notable Feats/Info

  1. Grew larger than a world and destroyed it. Also created an artifact that would shield a planet from it's destruction.
  2. Cursed The concept of a power as a whole. The curse turned Daphne into a bodiless spirit, turned her friend into a mindless sea monster, and would make the Winx lose their powers forever.
  3. Survived being stabbed by a sword that had the power of the Dragon Flame, and the planet sized realm of Obsidian being destroyed.
  4. Destroyed a city by burning an image of it.
  5. Gave the Trix a spell that negated almost all positive magic in existence.

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